About Us

We are….

Led by Christ to gather a diverse community unified in grace, love and hope.

  • A congregation of the Christian Reformed Church in North America.
  • Passionate about God’s Word
  • Transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit
  • Committed to prayer
  • Dedicated to using all the gifts that God had given all of us
  • Devoted to our community

We Worship…

  • Corporately in Jesus’ name and in God’s presence to hear His Word
  • Joyfully with voices and instruments blended in musical style

We grow in Christ through…

  • Prayer
  • Discipleship opportunities
  • Obedience to Him

We live purposefully for Christ…

  • In our Community
  • As a community who loves and cares for each other
  • Supporting global ministry

What we believe… https://www.crcna.org/welcome/beliefs

Meet our Staff