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Pokharels - 2015

Missionaries in Nepal

Kathmandu, Nepal

The Pokharels are both natives of Nepal and graduates of Calvin Seminary. They followed a call to the mission field in 2002 and are passionate about spreading the gospel in a predominantly Hindu country. Arbin is the pastor of Cross­Way Community Church in Kathmandu, Nepal where 150­-180 members gather each Saturday.  Cross­Way has organized the Nepali Reformed Church (NRC), a church planting network. The vision of Cross­Way Community Church is to be “a Well of God’s Grace, from where we’ll draw to plant Christ­ Centered Churches in the 75 districts of Nepal.” Arbin is also the chairperson of Evangelical Presbyterian Theological Seminary (EPTS) a school that strives to train godly church leaders who are authentic in Christian character, competent in theological knowledge, and carry out a Reformed Worldview in life and ministry as they passionately serve the Nepali church. As these churches proclaim the Good News, they see the hunger for Jesus among the people of Nepal, and the overwhelming response to the Gospel compels them to work to plant many more local churches in the future.  God is working mightily in Nepal.

Bimala developed Higher Ground Ministries, a social enterprise with a vision to provide income-generating skills, job opportunities, rehabilitation, and counseling for disadvantaged and marginalized women and youth. Bimala has also established HG Community Development Nepal (HGCDN) which provides scholarships to orphaned children, a safe home and counseling for women rescued from the sex trade, micro­enterprise loans, and programs to raise awareness of human trafficking.

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Parachutes Ministries, Inc.

Anchorage, Alaska

12115441_10154230928484112_8995550045866210988_nLocated on Lake Otis Parkway in Anchorage, Alaska, Parachutes is a teen club and resource center that provides a safe place where teens from unstable or unhealthy home environments can have fun and interact with loving adults. Joel Kiekintveld, a former Millbrook member, is the Executive Director of Parachutes Ministries. He and his wife Naomi “believe that God entrusts people with His work on earth and that one part of helping to bring heaven on earth is ministering to the teens that no one seems to care about.” ~from Parachutes’ Philosophy of Ministry. To view this document or for more information about Parachute Ministries, Inc., visit

Zuni Christian Mission School

Zuni, New Mexico

Zuni kids

Zuni Christian Mission School (ZCMS) is one part of Zuni Christian Mission; the other part is Zuni Christian Reformed Church (ZCRC). Through the power of God’s Spirit, ZCMS and ZCRC work together in the heart of the Zuni Pueblo to transform the lives of people who live on the Zuni Indian Reservation of northwestern New Mexico. By God’s grace, what began in 1897 as a pioneer mission work of the Christian Reformed denomination has matured into a ministry that is governed by local boards of Zuni Christians.

Approximately 75 students and 16 full and part time staff fill the halls of ZCMS, a fully accredited K-8th grade school which has recently completed a major expansion and renovation. Currently,  ZCMS is looking to replace head of school, Kathy Bosscher, who is retiring after 25 years of teaching and administration at the school. For more information visit their website at

Rooted in Biblical Truth and surrounded by God’s Grace, students are encouraged to interpret the world and relationships with respect to the Creator God and his purposes. ZCMS’s safe and nurturing learning environment are primary reasons parents choose ZCMS for their children.

Nancy Ten Broek

World Renew – Bangladesh, Asia

Nancy TenBroek

Nancy Ten Broek works as a senior consultant for World Renew in Bangladesh and India where she has been for more than twenty years.  She specializes in community and organizational development and health promotion.

Nancy spends part of her year working with Worlds Renew’s partner organizations to improve maternal and child health. Health workers train village health volunteers to go door-to-door in their own villages to counsel pregnant women and parents of young children in good nutrition practices. Nancy loves to meet with these women volunteers and hear their stories of serving their neighbors while struggling with their own poverty issues.

Nancy frequently travels to Cambodia to assist the World Renew team in evaluating current program activities and designing new health and nutrition initiatives.  As a partner in World Renew’s Child and Maternal Health Program, Nancy enjoys discovering ways to strengthen the health of children and mothers profoundly impacting the future both in the child’s ability to thrive and rise out of poverty and to shape a society’s long-term stability and prosperity.

Steve and Chris Van Zanen

CRWM – Lithuania

Steve & Chris VanZanen

Steve and Chris serve at LCC International University in Lithuania.  Steve teaches advanced courses and also a required course for third-year students introducing them to the beauty of the Savior and the application of Christian faith to all of life.  Currently, Steve is also involved with the CRWRM Europe team as they evaluate the needs of refugees from Syria and Iraq. As Europe Team Leader, he is working on a proposal to include a new position focused on providing holistic Christian ministry amongst the more than 1 million Arabic-speaking refuges expected in Germany.

Chris works in human resources at the University as a hospitality coordinator. She oversees the 18 housing units provided to faculty/staff and visitors to the college. serving in human resources, assisting expatriate staff and faculty as they adjust to life and work in Lithuania.  She provides hospitality for students and is involved in the development of service-learning opportunities for LCC students.