Prayer Ministry

Sunday Morning Prayer Group

Meets at 8:45-9:15am in the prayer room at Millbrook Church.

Spend time with God in praise, adoration, confession, thanksgiving and requests.

The focus for this prayer time is on Unity in Christ, for God’s family at Millbrook and beyond. The group prays for revival and renewal along with wisdom and direction to become a diverse community of believers that fully relies on God to do every good work that he has called us to do.

Prayer Partners

At Millbrook we support each other in prayer.

Ministry leaders are partnered with others to pray for the celebrations and needs of that particular ministry and the ministry leader.

Each of the children who are part of the Millbrook family, whether they attend on Sundays or on Tuesdays at Bible Club, have a prayer partner who prays specifically for them. Prayer partners have continued to pray for their child even as they have gone off to college.

Prayer Walks

Neighborhood prayer walks have been a part of Millbrook ministry for many years.

Prayers gather at church to pray for those living in the neighborhood surrounding Millbrook, then on foot they continue to pray as they walk past homes, schools and businesses. Prayers also look for opportunities to meet our neighbors and pray for specific concerns.

The prayer focus is on the building of God’s Kingdom, that all will be reached by the gospel message of salvation. We pray also that the sense of community is revived, that we will be intentional about caring for one another and the area in which we live.